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Transatlantic Business Services

Maguire Hegarty LLC works with European companies interested in expanding to the US market and with US companies interested in opening European operations. Our experience and relationships allows us to provide our clients with excellent services and opportunities.

We provide companies entering the US market assistance ranging from locating a suitable site to providing outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services. Working closely with the company’s European management, local legal counsel and the local business development team we become the US arm of the company’s management.

Many US companies have opened European operations to expand their market share or to take advantage of low tax rates or grants made available to US companies by some European countries. Working closely with our clients,we assist them in securing all advantages available to them through our relationships with government agencies, local accounting firms, local law firms and local banks.

Services provided include:


  • Assist with site selection, including working with government agencies
  • Assemble team to oversee US operations
  • Assist in securing bank debt
  • Provide outsourced CFO services


  • Assist with country selection based on client’s needs
  • Prepare applications to European government agencies for grants, tax credits, etc.
  • Secure service providers for European operations
  • Assist with additional grant applications as European